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In-home Postnatal Support


Thank you for considering Postnatal Support Advocates and Balanced Mind Doula Services on your journey through childbirth. The first three months following childbirth (The 4th Trimester) is a foundational time for postnatal parents. We understand that connection to physical, informational and emotional wellness support immediately following your birth is crucial to adapting + flourishing. This is why we offer services in the comfort of your own home while you are acclimating to this life-changing event.

Emotional wellness visits

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Postnatal Support Advocates

In home emotional wellness visits during the 4th trimester + beyond

Postnatal Support Advocates (PSA) are a team of licensed mental health professionals who are deeply committed to the emotional wellness of all postnatal parents during the foundational 4th trimester + beyond. As licensed clinical social workers who are dedicated to removing or reducing the barrier of cost to clients, we are able to bill your health insurance for services we provide. 

postpartum doula services

Balanced Mind Doula Services

In home physical, educational and emotional support following birth

Our postpartum doulas help to fill the void of the absent village that postnatal families need during this foundational time of adjustment and healthy adaptation. We provide families with a variety of informational, supportive and nurturing services relating to:

  • emotional and physical recovery from childbirth 

  • infant soothing, feeding, diapering, bathing

  • time for parental rest

  • practice trips out with new baby

  • care for older siblings

  • light housework and meal prep

  • and so much more

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Our postnatal support providers are committed to an anti-racist and anti-patriarchal approach to care with a focus on inclusivity, diversity and regular examination of  our own implicit biases. We are wholeheartedly committed to serving ALL families with respect and compassion. We are aspiring allies to the LGBTQIA+ community, communities of color, and oppressed people.

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