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Farah Breaux (she/her/hers)

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master,
Mindfulness Life Coach

Farah Breaux is a Delaware based intuitive yoga practitioner whose souls’ purpose is to walk with others on their journey of self-discovery through movement, breath work, and mindfulness. Farah leads small groups that are filled with dynamic movement, encouragement and humor—finding the light while sitting in uncomfortable truths. As a mother of two, Farah finds a natural connection to young souls and their desire for expressive healthy outlets, holding weekend Kids Yoga classes---there’s laughing, there’s stretching and there’s every day mindfulness being learned.

During her own journey of never-ending self-discovery, Farah has opened herself up to energy work through Chakra alignment and Soul Centered Life Coaching as an Intuitive. Farah works with to create a space where you feel safe and loved in order to connect to your deepest-truest self.

Private Individual/Group Yoga Sessions, Chakra Alignment & Life Guidance are scheduled upon request.

Lotus Flower

Farah's Service Menu

Small Group Yoga Classes



$15 - $20
per class

Kids Yoga + Mindfulness



$15 per class

Individualized Private Yoga



$70 per session

Individual Reiki + Energy Work



$125 per session

Gift Certificates Available

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