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We are passionate about removing barriers that could prohibit you from enjoying the benefits yoga, meditation, reiki and holistic healing practices provide. Get in touch if you have any questions or are ready to schedule your complimentary initial consultation!

One -Time Session Rates

Come by yourself, or bring a friend or two.
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60 Minute Sessions

Solo      $60 - $90

(by yourself)

Duo     $100 - $120

(you + a friend)

Trio    $130 - $150

(you + 2 friends)

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90 Minute Sessions

Solo      $100 - $120

(by yourself)

 Duo      $130 - $150

 (you + a friend)

Trio      $160- $180

 (you + 2 friends)

Reiki option available with 90-minute sessions

Multiple Session Pass

Enjoy a deeply discounted rate for 10 sessions.

10 Session Passes

60 minute     $600 - $800

90 minute     $800 - $1000

Reiki is option available with 90-minute sessions
*Passes Never Expire
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Gift Cards

Meaningful contribution toward wellness.

Balanced Mind Yoga Gift Cards

Choose any amount to gift your favorite people.

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