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Molly Magarik (she/her)

Immersive Meditation Guide

It is so wonderful to meet you and share this time with you during a practice that has been significant in my life. My first introduction to mindfulness happened when my daughters were born at 29 weeks and had to spend time in the NICU. One of the neonatologists was studying whether teaching mindfulness to NICU caregivers would be supportive of their mental health during an uncertain and scary time. It made a huge difference for us, and was a touchstone of calm during a very chaotic time. I then dabbled for another 6-7 years before making meditation a core practice in the Fall of 2022. 


During that time, I was struggling under the weight of an intense job, burnout and exhaustion from the pandemic, and a disconnection from my family due to my work and stress. I made the decision in September of 2022 that I would meditate every day, even if just for 5 minutes. This mediation journey, and a wonderful therapist, brought me to the realization in Spring of 2023 that my job was no longer aligned with my desires for my life. Namely, time with my family, lack of toxic stress, and time to breathe and live this one life I have. 


During the Fall of 2023, I began training to become an Immersive Meditation Facilitator, hoping to offer others the beautiful practice that has given so much to me in my life. I received my certification in December of 2023, and I’m so, so excited to bring this work into reality by working within my community. 


There is no such thing as a “perfect” mediation. This practice changes moment to moment, and the insights we receive each time may be none or tiny or profound. However, taking the time to meet and strengthen our inner wisdom has the opportunity to create important shifts in our lives because we can begin to rely on ourselves and what we know to be true, instead of constantly feeling like the answers lie outside of us. 


I am honored and excited to support your individual and unique journey! May it be whatever is most necessary to you right now. 


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Molly's Offerings

FREE Immersive Mediation Event with Molly
FREE Immersive Mediation Event with Molly
May 11, 2024, 3:00 PM
The Healing Cottage
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