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Mother and Infant
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Postnatal Support Advocates, Inc.

Client Portal
Client Portal


Thank you for considering Postnatal Support Advocates on your emotional wellness journey through motherhood. Our founders, affectionally referred to as "The Jenns", established PSA after practicing traditional mental health counseling in a private practice setting for years. During this time, they listened to client after client talk about the adverse impacts of isolation in motherhood, lack of a village, inadequate or non-existent paid maternity leave, societal disregard for and devaluation of unpaid parenting & domestic labor, birth trauma, obstetric violence and more.


Often, mamas did not have language for or representation of these painful experiences, and the impact persisted years after birth. Mothers themselves, The Jenns knew there had to be a better way. Then PSA was born. What initially began as an in-home, postnatal 4th trimester program has quickly grown into a full-service team of mama providers serving mama clients at any point on their journey through motherhood.

In July of 2023, PSA, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to further offset the financial burden that is often a barrier to families seeking and receiving services. 



Flexible & Supportive Emotional Wellness Options

We understand the complexities of motherhood as we currently know it: juggling responsibilities, managing childcare, and availability for appointments to name a few. Sometimes you need to get out of the house for a bit. Sometimes its too stressful to think about packing up all of baby's things and leaving the house. Sometimes what you thought would be an in-office visit has to be switched to telehealth because a kiddo is sick. We get it because we know it, and we are flexible. This is why we offer sessions in-person at your home, in-person at our office or virtually via telehealth.

We are dedicated to removing or reducing the barrier of cost to our clients whenever and wherever possible. As licensed mental health professionals, we are able to insurance for services we provide. We are proud to accept Delaware Medicaid and most major commercial insurance plans.


The PSA Philosophy

We know that connection to emotional wellness support immediately following birth is crucial to adapting + flourishing. We are deeply committed to providing this support to all postnatal parents during the foundational 4th trimester + beyond. Whether it is your 1st or 10th birth, you shouldn't have to wait to be connected to resources. We provide immediate, ongoing services in the comfort of a your own home while you are acclimating to this life changing event. If you prefer to meet in-office, virtually or a combination of all three, we offer that too; we support you wherever you are.


When adequately served and supported, postnatal parents are afforded:

  • Rest, recovery and repair of the mind-body system after birth.

  • Potential reduction of nervous system complications like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and postpartum mood + trauma disorders.

  • Interventions that promote a secure parent-infant bond.

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Emotional Wellness Visits

We maintain that if postnatal parents were adequately served and supported as a standard of care, there will be less likelihood to develop postnatal mood disorders like postpartum depression. Through implementation of The Briar Approach and an Interpersonal Psychology model of mental health and emotional wellness treatment, Postnatal Support Advocates will provide  counseling services throughout your 4th trimester (12 - 16 weeks). During your visits we will be addressing and helping you resolve common adversities that arise in four key areas:

  • Interpersonal strains like social isolation or unfulfilling relationships.

  • All that encompasses the life transitions around childbirth.

  • Managing stages of grief common during transition and adaptation to a new baby.

  • Interpersonal disputes that emerge from conflicting expectations between partners, family members, close friends and loved ones.


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Pre, Peri & Postnatal Resources in Delaware

We keep an active, up-to-date resources and referral list for pregnant and post-birth parents. Please take some time to check it out!


Want to Make a Difference in a Family's Life? 

We believe it should be standard of care to nurture, support and offset the cost of basic needs of parents raising the future generation regardless of their financial status. Your meaningful contribution to Postnatal Support Advocates will help Delaware families thrive.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation is tax deductible. No donation is too small. 

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Visit Copays $25

Most parents do not have health insurance that covers the full cost of emotional wellness check in visits. If their copay is as low as $25, parents are tasked with paying $100 per month to get basic mental healthcare that helps them survive + thrive.

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Postpartum Doula Services


Every parent needs an extra set of hands when a new baby arrives, and every parent deserves it. Postpartum doulas offset the exhaustion and overwhelm most parents identify as adversely affecting their mental and emotional wellness.

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PSA Welcome Bag $50

Every family receives a welcome bag that includes products sourced from local businesses including: aromatherapy, maternal affirmation cards, nervous system regulation cards, community resources and more.

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First Four Weeks


Contribute to all of the above-mentioned items and much more during the first four weeks with baby. 

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Physical Health + Wellness


Physical health and wellness has a great impact on anyone's emotional health and wellness. From maternal fitness experts to trauma-informed yoga sessions, help cover the mind and body.

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Fourth Trimester


Contribute to all of the above-mentioned items and much more during a parent's entire 4th trimester. 

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Lactation Support


Not all families have healthcare that covers lactation visits. Infant feeding is an important component of the parent-infant bonding process. 

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Choose Your Amount


Donate any amount to support Delaware families so they can thrive with their new baby. Every dollar counts.

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Have a few questions or would like to schedule services? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

Our providers are committed to an anti-patriarchal, anti-white supremacist approach to care with a focus on inclusivity, diversity and regular examination of our own implicit biases. We are wholeheartedly committed to serving all families with respect and compassion. We are members of and/or aspiring allies to the LGBTQIA+ community, communities of color, and individuals & groups adversely impacted by oppressive ideology, institutions & systems.

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