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Sandy Potter (she/her)

Yin Yoga Instructor, Reiki II

Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m super happy you are here. My yoga journey started over 15 years ago after being introduced to vinyasa classes by a family friend. As a very introverted and slightly clumsy person who never found a home in group sports, asana practice was the first time I ever felt physically strong and I loved it. However, over the years through various seasons of loss and transition, I started craving something more from my yoga practice. I was in desperate need of a safe place to land when I took my first yin class; in that small room, through the nurturing and gentle guidance from a gifted instructor, something ignited inside me. Almost a decade later, all I can say is what happened in that room sent me on a path of self-exploration, with an emphasis on slowing down, that has changed my life in the most magical ways.


After completing my yoga teacher training in 2023 at The Light Within studio in PA, I began teaching restorative and yin yoga. Both of these practices have personally saved me, or rather helped me save myself, time and time again. It is now one of my life’s greatest honors to be able to facilitate that space for others at The Healing Cottage; offering respite for our loaded nervous systems, in a small safe space, much like the one that changed my life. I hope to see you there.

Sandy's Classes + Offerings

  • Treat yourself to some Sunday self-care through a slow meditative yin ...

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